Saturday, June 9, 2012


I believe there is an innate desire in all women to make things beautiful. We find a satisfaction in sewing curtains to brighten a room, to write something lovely, to repurpose what was old and worn. We like to see our children clean and dressed well, we like clean kitchens and men of style and fresh cut flowers in vases. We were MEANT to make this world beautiful, to create.

I have never considered myself a creative person. I don't sew well, I don't "craft" and anything arranged attractively in our home is thanks to my husband's keen eye. Oh but I WANT to. I want to put together strange items that come together in a gloriously eclectic, Bohemian beautiful chic. I don't because the inevitable end is that I will spend hours on something that I don't like and feel like a failure. I'm so good at making myself feel that way. I never ever measure up in my own eyes. If you have ever thought that I think that anything about myself is better than're wrong. I've never thought that. I can fake a good confidence, but it's a sham. I feel like I am mediocre at many things, moderate at best.

Through my children I'm realizing something. I may never be an expert at anything, but I certainly won't if I don't step out and try. In teaching my son to persevere I am learning that I must listen to my own advice. If I want to sew well, I need to get off my sad tuckus and sew the mess out of some stuff. I need to make a cock-eyed skirt with backwards pleats, a dress that's four inches too short, just SOMETHING. If I never start I'll never finish and finishing could prove to be really really good.

So, a pledge. This month, I am going to make this.

If it kills me.

I am also pursuing the decor of both a newly moved bedroom/playroom for all of the kids upstairs, inspired by this, as well as a homeschool room of our very own. My goal is to spend under $50 on each room. $100 max. It's time to get my thrift on!