Thursday, June 30, 2011


Sometimes I feel like there are words bulging at the very tips of my fingers, dormant and aching to be released. I feel that way often these days with busy little ones vying for my time and no access to a keyboard for quick out pours of thought. My iPhone is a wonderful blessing, but blogging from it is a frustrating exercise, both tedious and consuming.

Tonight I was blessed by the words of others. My dear dear Rachel who knows me so well enticed others to share their words with me, about me, and while this can often be an awkward, uncomfortable encounter it always leaves the recipient a little lighter and more full of joy than before. As I wander through these days of young motherhood, struggling to learn how to best serve my husband, my children, the kingdom and those who need it I can't help but wonder if I'm doing well, how others perceive my constant push and shove to learn and grow. To never remain stagnant, never walk in circles. At this precipice of new addition it is so so sacred to hear words of encouragement, that other women who have both walked this road before me or who are walking it along side me see good in me, that the gold in me isn't just good intention but that I am living it out enough for it to shine.

I guess in light of that, this is a thank you. Thank you to you ladies who shared laughs and booty shakes with me tonight over coffee and savory treats. Who were willing to share vulnerably the things they see in me. Know that it came at JUST the right time, and that I love you all more for it.

And baby D#3 will be well diapered to boot!

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  1. Your words alone are encouraging to all of us... Keep sharing, we mothers are all in this together... With God at our sides, we can accomplish all things!